Sunday, March 31, 2013

From Google Reader To Tiny Tiny RSS

In early 2000s, I migrated from FeedReader application to Google Reader. Now it's time to move on, again.
I have chosen Tiny Tiny RSS because :
  • It was in Slashdot comments
  • It has both a Web interface and an Android app
  • It is a very active project
  • I can host it myself (it's not in some cloud)
  • Articles will not be marked read after 30 days
  • I can disable article purge
Tiny Tiny RSS works fine with WampServer but I do not allow connections from internet to my local home private network.
I could not use the following web hosting providers :
  • : no support for PHP 5.3
  • olympe : doc is dead, do not know how to upload files
  • 000webhost : ftp is deadly slow, tt-rss does not work (uname, not writable errors)
  • byethost : dojo not defined error, could not load feeds
  • Toile Libre : dead
I have chosen hostinger :
  • ttrss works ! (PHP 5.3.20 and you can enable PHP 5.4)
  • small url suffix
PHP has open_basedir restrictions but :
  • you can use this patch
  • You must use the 'resolved' url once all redirections have been resolved
Sample feeds resolved by firefox :
  • The Daily WTF : gives
  • PC Inpact : gives
Edit 2013.04.01 : hostinger lets you add cron jobs to update feeds.
Edit 2013.04.11 : 10 days later, I got an official answer from hostinger support saying that cron jobs only support PHP 5.2. Too bad...


kbfr said...


I was also looking to use tt-rss on hostinger but:
- the patch seems to comment safe_mode error and keeps open_basedir error (which I still have), did you do another change?
- Also do you have the correct syntax for the cron job on hostinger?


ded said...

@kbfr I am still using TTRSS 1.7.4. If I comment CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION and if I use the two new geturl methods, I do not have any errors. For cron, I have a ticket opened at hostinger as cron still uses PHP 5.2... :-(

kbfr said...

@ded I installed 1.7.8 and commented open_basedir tests, it seems to be fine. I can add rss and they are correctly displayed.
But then i'm stuck with refresh as well...
I didn't find how to add --feeds option in hostinger interface for cron job, so i changed the php file to add that option by default, but still no luck..
I didn't know about the php version! Let me know if you get it solved.