Sunday, June 6, 2010

Asus U30JC-QX010X : Tuning Windows 7 Part 3 : Tasks

More than 40 scheduled tasks are configured under Windows 7 Professional on my Asus laptop. Task scheduling has been greatly improved. It is now possible to configure a task so that it starts when some user open a session. These tasks are responsible for many processes running in the background. Task are also organized hierarchicaly.

Some of these tasks are configured with the Administrators group which does not exist on my French laptop. I must fix the task user first to be able to disable the task.

The following tasks can be disabled :
  • \ACMON (bad user) : Asus Splendid Video Enhancement Technology
  • \ASUS Live Update (bad user)
  • \ASUS SmartLogon Console Sensor (bad user) : Face identification with webcam
  • \ASUSControlDeck (bad user) : Asus Control Deck application
  • SidebarExecute : Might be the nuisance responsible for automatically resizing (some) windows by reserving the right of the screen.
  • \WC3 (bad user) : Asus Wireless Console 3
Requirements :
  • \ASUS P4G (bad user) : Power 4 Gear. This task must be running to launch Power 4 Gear (BatteryLife.exe). But this task can be annoying : it automatically disable transparency and force some white asus wallpaper when running on battery.

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